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Gold Coast Restaurant Review: Vintage Espresso: 29 December 2010

We returned to our fave new cafe on the Goldie, Vintage Espresso.  The courier new typeface sign welcomes the diner into a retro world of chandeliers, old furniture and gilt-edged mirror walls.  Sure, this look has been done before in larger cities, but it's such a welcome sight on the Gold Coast, which is usually known for its shiny newness.

Decor aside, the best thing about this cafe is the food. And the coffee. And the staff.  And the patrons. Oh, and the interior.

As we queued for take away coffee, however quickly snapped up an eat-in table, yey, so decided to stay for breakfast.  He ordered pumpkin toast with field mushrooms, persian fetta & rocket.  Topped with a sprig of thyme, nice touch.  I ordered the fruit platter with yoghurt.

The mushrooms were big and fresh, the persian fetta delightfully creamy.  And the pumpkin toast was a nice variation.  My fruit platter was sweet, juicy & delicious.  It made a welcome change from the "fruit salad" we'd ordered from a strip cafe at Broadbeach the previous day which consisted of granny smith apples, orange, grapes & 2 slices of banana.  I mean, who still makes fruit salad like that? Not the folk at Vintage, I can tell you that.

This is also the sort of place you can get naked.  That got your attention.  Not naked, naked.  You can pick up a copy of the Naked City Guide to the Gold Coast.  Of  course, Vintage is featured in the cafes section and we plan on trying some of the others if the standard is as good as Vintage.

The staff are all smiley and friendly and almost a reason in itself to return.  However the coffee & food will see a few more visits before we leave.  Personally, I can't wait to try their bircher muesli and down a few more coffees.

Vintage Espresso
1/43 alfred st, Mermaid Beach 
Gold Coast, Australia

Ph: 55 277878

Another visit to Vintage Espresso on Tuesday 4 January ;-)

Couldn't help ourselves. Along with more coffee, we ordered yet another fruit plate (my fault)

and a scrambled eggs with Persian fetta with pumpkin vienna, roast tomato & spinach.  Oh and follow up to my comments on limited or drab selections of bread.  Vintage Espresso have Turkish; megagrain; sourdough; English muffin; gluten-free rice and pumpkin spelt; bagels, fig, fruit & hazelnut toast; olive & rosemary toast; and walnut toast.  That's 9 types of beautiful, breakfast-worthy toast.  See.  It can be done.

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