Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recipe: Meatless Monday - Thai veggie curry

This recipe was one of those things I just threw together using the best of available seasonal produce from the markets.  I was inspired by the 10 Thai eggplants that I bought from Rita's stall that day and knew if I didn't do something with them immediately, sure as night follows day, they'd turn into compost by week's end.  Aren't they gorgeous??

Luckily I had all the ingredients to make a red Thai curry, but I honestly hadn't made one in, like, forever. And what a difference a year or two made (and using fresh produce from the markets). Oh me. Oh my. I know I rave about these Meatless Monday recipes, but the combinations of flavours and textures, the sweet squirtiness of the cherry tomatoes, the seedy crunch of the Thai eggplant and green beans and the reliable squishiness of the kumera made this "the best curry ever made in our house" according to Mr YourLocalMarkets. Big call.

Try it, I assure you, you won't be after me for a money back guarantee ;-)

1 tablespoon oil
10 Thai eggplant, halved. You can substitute other types of eggplant but it just won't be the same
400g chopped kumera
400g of chopped green beans (yes that's a lot, but you need your greens)
1 punnet cherry tomatoes or several generous handfuls
1 can baby corn
About 10 small mushrooms, cut in half (shitake is best but I used Swiss Brown, in season)
2 cans coconut cream
4 tablespoons good quality red curry paste (many in the jar are free of additives and preservatives)
5 kaffir lime leaves, sliced finely
Handful fresh basil and coriander leaves, chopped

Heat oil in large pot and cook curry paste and kaffir lime leaves.  Add 1/2 cup coconut cream to mix paste & cream together, then add rest of coconut cream.

Add kumera and eggplant and cook until soft (about 15 minutes). Then add all other vegetables and cook for around 5-10 minutes, ensuring that the beans are still bright green with a slight crunch.

Serve with rice and garnish with fresh herbs.

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