Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Break out of your culinary comfort zone

It's lunchtime, you drag out your white bread Vegemite sandwich, or you lash out and buy your lunch, one you always have - a sausage roll or some sushi. Blah....

You're feeling uninspired and IN A RUT.  Well folks, turn around and give yourself a little kick in the bee-hind, because spring has sprung and its time for a little lunchtime renewal.

Yes, it's time to try something different. Its time to play the "what if" game. Like "what if I stop playing it safe and seek some adventure?"

We promise, you won't die from the experience.  You might even discover a whole new world of lunchtime lusciousness.

If you're going to join us and play the "what if" game, we recommend A Taste of Ethiopia.  The delightful Haile has been coming to the Bondi Junction Village Markets for 2 years now and has a very loyal following of customers who, at some stage of their lunching careers, parachuted out of their culinary comfort zone and gave Ethiopian food a try.
Lentil wat

Haile cooks a selection of curries or wats (pronounced wots) which feature either lentils, chicken or beef. These aromatic dishes are then paired with a traditional Ethiopian sourdough flat bread known as injera, which is made from a fermented type of flour called teff.  The bread is quite sour but is perfect with the spiciness of the wats.  If sourdough isn't your thing, you can request rice as your accompaniment.


This is about as unprocessed as you get. Fermented bread, curries made from scratch full of lentils and veggies or protein like chicken or beef = a midday taste sensation.  There is a reason Haile has eager lunchtime groupies queueing for his tasty food.  

You can even drop by at the end of each market day. Haile's hearty food is also perfect for dinner.  Try it. You won't be disappointed and it will give that Vegemite sandwich a run for its money.

A Taste of Ethiopia comes to the Bondi Junction Village Markets every Thursday, 9am-5pm.

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