Thursday, September 6, 2012

Macadamias are back

Joel from Hand N Hoe Organic Macadamia's will be back this week at the Lane Cove Public School Food & Farmers' Markets selling his organic macadamia's, choc covered macs, nut butters and macadamia nut oil.

Did you know that macadamia nut oil has one of the highest smoke points of any oil (210 C) so is excellent to cook with because it won't change the structure of the oil? So ditch the extra virgin olive oil (which shouldn't go above 160 C) and use some extra virgin, organic macadamia nut oil instead. It's also great for your skin, just use a small amount after a shower or bath when the skins is still a little wet. 

Or use a tiny amount, rub into your hands and run your fingers through your hair. It really is a wonder-oil!

Hand N Hoe Organic Macadamias come to the Lane Cove Public School Food & Farmers' Markets every two weeks, and will be at the markets this Sunday 9 September and every fortnight thereafter.


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